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Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs):

  • Why does my keypad meter have to be read?
  • When will this start and how often will my keypad meter be read?
  • What does a meter read involve and how long will it take?
  • Can I phone NIE with my meter reading or submit it online instead of someone calling to my door?
  • Who will read my meter?
  • Can I book an appointment for the meter reader to call at my house?
  • I am a tenant; do I still need to have my keypad meter read or provide a keypad meter reading?
  • What will the meter information/reading be used for?
  • Why don’t you just read keypad meters of the customers who want to switch suppliers?
  • Will there be a charge for having my keypad meter read?
  • If there is a difference in the meter read and the amount that I have already paid, how will this be resolved?
  • Will I still be on a pay-as-you-go system and therefore not receive any bills?
  • What happens if I'm unhappy with the outcome of a complaint to NIE?
  • What is an electricity supplier?
  • Who are the electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland?
  • What is a market message?
  • What is an MPRN?
  • What is the Maximum Import Capacity (MIC)
  • What is a cable jointer?
  • What does an overhead lines person do?
  • What do NIE tree cutters do?
  • What is a plant maintenance electrician?
  • What does a NIE meter reader do?
  • What is a metering electrician?
  • What does a project engineer do?
  • What is a technical engineer?
  • What is a design engineer?
  • What is a planning engineer?
  • How much clearance from the power lines does NIE need?
  • How will I know when tree cutting is required on my property?
  • Why do NIE cut so many trees?
  • Will NIE respect and look after my property during tree cutting work?
  • What is a wayleave agreement?
  • When will I receive my wayleave payment?
  • Why do I not receive a wayleave payment every year?
  • Can you pay my wayleave payments directly into my bank account?
  • Can you take my wayleave payment off my electricity bill?
  • Can the name on a wayleave payment be changed?
  • There is electricity equipment on my land, am I entitled to a payment?
  • Can you send me an uncrossed cheque?
  • Can a payment be split into two or more cheques?
  • I don’t have a bank account – how can I cash my wayleave cheque?
  • Where can I find my grantor number?
  • How do I notify NIE of a change of ownership?
  • When does an exemption to our guaranteed standards apply?
  • As an apprentice where will I be based?
  • What qualifications do I need to apply for the apprenticeship?
  • Where will I be based?
  • Do I have to study in my own time?
  • What if I already have my Btec qualification?
  • How many days a week do I go to College?
  • Where will the various stages of the apprentice recruitment process be held?
  • Can I get an application form posted out?
  • When will I hear if I have been shortlisted?
  • Do I get travel allowance? Or accommodation allowance?
  • Do I have to be able to drive?
  • What age do I have to be to apply for the apprenticeship?
  • Is there an age limit for the apprenticeship?
  • Can I change the date of my test etc?
  • I am dyslexic, can I apply for the apprenticeship and receive help at the testing stage?
  • Can you give me more information about the practical test?
  • How does the current recruitment process operate?
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